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We have been invited to share our expertise and experiences or represent alternative provisions and vulnerable children at a number of events including;


  • 10 Downing Street's Serious Youth Violence summit,

  • Westminster Insight,


  • BrewEd events

  • Department for Education AP Stakeholder group

We are happy to facilitate, lead or contribute to events that are relevant to our expertise. Sarah Dove is able to provide engaging key notes, commentary and workshops on topics including but not limited to behaviour, mental health, supporting medical needs, neurodiversity and inclusion.

"Sarah was a fantastic Chair for our Alternative Provision Conference. Not only was she friendly and full of enthusiasm about the topic, her contributions to the day were very astute and insightful.

Sarah facilitated some very interesting discussions on the experiences of children outside of mainstream schools, in a room of over 100 delegates from a range of sectors.
Despite a few last minute unforeseen changes, Sarah adapted to the situation very professionally.

Very much looking forward to working with Sarah again."

Oliver Ratcliffe (Westminster Insight)