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The Reintroduction Hub

Local Authorities have the huge task of supporting their residents as we begin to restore relationships, reestablish routines and reintroduce education and employment. 

The Reintroduction Hub and our associated support services, help Local Authorities to have systematic oversight of children and young people in their community. This nuanced understanding supports effective safeguarding measures, promotes individual understanding and develops a proactive community to response to the various activities driving our return to normality. 

The Reintroduction Programme helps local authorities measure every child and young person in a way that ensures schools and associated authorities and organisations are able to provide the specific support they need.  

Along with access to the hub, Phoenix Education Consultancy can provide training, mentoring and support to local authorities to ensure that personalised and proactive plans can support behaviour, mental health and improve educational outcomes. 

We provide schools with supported access to The Reintroduction Hub and provide wrap around training and support to ensure that teachers are able to access all of the benefits the Reintroduction Hub can bring to classrooms.

Schools are invited to use the bespoke resources made for teachers, pupils and parents so that children can be supported in their return to school and Phoenix Education Consultancy are able to providing training, mentoring and coaching programmes to suit your school and staff needs.

Many schools, teachers and provisions know what they need to do and why they need to do it, knowing how can be incredibly challenging.

As we return to school post Covid-19, we know that there is a huge pressure for teachers and educators to get things right. 

Whether it's the delivery of a catch up curriculum, offering support to traumatised and bereaved children, restoring routine and creating new habits, we know the expectation and the importance of the delivery but our team have focused on the 'how' so that we can lend a hand and share the load. 

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