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What I do.

Whether I am training, mentoring or working with schools and local authorities, my main objective is ensuring that every child is able to embrace their education. This means that, wherever possible, they do all the things that come outside of simply being in receipt of a curriculum.

It means making sure that they have the opportunity to build friendships, to explore additional interests and to experience a sense of achievement, a sense of pride and a sense of belonging. 

My work is not to make education happen when 'other things' get in the way but to ensure education happens in a way that engages, supports and nurtures that most vulnerable children within our communities.

'I' come to my clients with a series of tools, resources and digital solutions that help me in my ambition to make education belong to all of us.

There are thousands of children living in crisis; whether its violence, attainment, mental health, poverty or addictions, we have failed a generation and they will in turn fail our society unless we create significant, sustainable interventions, today. 


Phoenix Education Consultancy operates to improve the lives of all children by supporting parents, teachers and policy makers in the delivery of their academic education, social development and mental maturity. We utilise decades of experience, latest technologies and industry insights to provide thought leadership, best practice and practical training to all those that influence a child’s education.

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Why it matters.