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Ensure every child is able to experience the right return to education.

As children begin to return to school, we will begin to understand the profound impact Covid-19 will have had on many of them. 

We have also become acutely aware of the importance of understanding and supporting every child in their return to school. We must acknowledge that some may need to recover, some may wish to catch-up with what they see as missed learning, and others may be thankful to be back in their 'safe place'. There will be a variety of anxieties and post-trauma responses that we may not have seen in the classroom previously. Every child, in every school, will be unique and it is our responsibility to reintroduce children to the classroom with compassion, care and consideration. 

We are extremely thankful of all the support we have had, during our response to Covid-19 and the months before we entered lockdown. ​However, despite this support, Phoenix alone are unable to make this vision, the ‘Reintroduction Hub’ a reality.


We will continue to volunteer our own time and our expertise. We will create and promote the Reintroduction Hub without commercial interest or financial gain - and in order to support the thousands of children that rely on a return being 'right' - we ask that you help us, in any way you can, to make our Hub, happen.