Behaving Together provides teachers with frameworks and processes to help them identify, understand and support the issues children bring to the classroom. Using a clear five step formula, the book explores the perspectives of children, to guide teachers as they support them within the school environment.

The book explores the nature of emotional health and well-being and the real implications of  this on the way children are seen to act within the school. Rather than punishing unwanted behaviour, the book begins with the assumption that behaviour is our innate form of communication, that should be supported rather than controlled. It recognises the network of relationships within a school’s community and provides helpful resources to support a child’s inclusion in school life, including: 

•Case studies highlighting the potential complexities of children’s lives
•Perspectives on a range of educational contexts, including Pupil Referral Units and schools outside the mainstream
•Clear definitions explaining common technical or medical jargon 
•Reflection points to develop teaching practice and confidence

Behaving Together is a key reflective tool for teachers and those interested in the pastoral care of children.