Freya is Frankie's older half sister who has kidney disease. She is currently on the transplant list and has to have dialysis 4 times a week for 3 hours a time. Her family don't have the space to ensure she can have dialysis at home so she has to go to the hospital for her sessions. This makes it incredibly difficult for her to engage in her education as trips to and from the hospital mean that she misses a minimum of 3 full days and often more due to additional health complications. Her failing kidney makes her incredibly tired and vulnerable to common illness. She isn't allowed to do many of the things she sees her peers doing and often feels incredibly alone and like she is a burden on her friends and family.

Freya has lots of ambitions and hopes that her kidney disease doesn't prevent her from living her life. She is nervous about being on the transplant list and has very mixed emotions about waiting for someone to die in order to give her her life back. 


Freya makes lots of friends through her treatment at the hospital but many of the other young people there have Cystic Fibrosis and will not live without a transplant - Freya is thankful that she is able to live via dialysis but is aware that she is likely to see at least one of the few friends she has been able to make, die.


Freya loves learning and wants to ensure she has the opportunity to live her life to the full once she receives a transplant. She worries that she is missing so much of school that her life will be spent on benefits and dominated by being unwell.