With over 25,000 people dying of Coronavirus in the UK alone, it is likely that many families will be experiencing grief, bereavement and loss. 

The death of a loved one is a challenging, painful and often lonely experience for anyone but can be particularly daunting and difficult for children and young people.

Lots of excellent resources have been made available as part of the national Covid19 response and at Phoenix, we were keen to create a framework for processing death and loss; a how to guide and an actionable resource to help children support their emotions, behaviours and mental well being as they experience a bereavement for the first time.

We have created The Bridge of Bereavement  to help  your family understand and discuss the emotions that are associated with bereavement.

We hope that you can utilise the story of the Phoenix family with your children, and work through the corresponding worksheet.


We have carefully considered the emotions that need to be acknowledged and discussed whilst creating tasks that will help your child focus the support and internal strength they will need to address, accept and overcome the loss of a loved one.