Making children's voices the centre of the conversation.

As the UK begins to ease lock down measures, millions of parents question what this will mean for them and their children.

The conversation about the return to school is rift and although there appears to be collaboration and communication between politicians, teachers and other professional educations, the conversation seems to have ignored the voices of children and young people.

Although it could be assumed that, particularly primary age children are too young to help create a solution, it is imperative that they contribute to our understanding of the problem if we hope to create an approach that support and nurtures our pupils as they return to school

We conducted a 'thinking about school' survey and invited children and young people to share their views about getting back to learning. Here, we share the results and our recommendations to help the thousands of children that engaged, contribute to the discussions around 'the right return' design.


We shared an overview of our 'thinking of school' survey and a summary of it's findings during a live webinar, which you can which the recording of below. More than anything, this survey has  highlighted the importance of giving children a voice, and listening to their wishes.


We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our work and hope we take a collaborative approach to stepping forward, safely.