It is the experiences that aren't stated on my CV that have made me who I am.

Those experiences have included a suicide attempt and a reluctant relationship with OCD, PTSD and depression.  Those experiences have seen me travel the world and fear I would never see 'the world' again when I was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome.

Today, it is those experiences that drive me to stop at the roadblocks and think, 'how can I think about this differently'. They are the experiences that drive me to work long hours; to be readily available crisis occurs and to reinvest earnings into the tools and resources that I believe will make the world an easier place for children to live, work and play in.

The ways in which education has enriched my life and supported my mental well being isn't something I overlook and it is always front of mind when I am interacting with a child whom, for whatever reason, have been led to believe that their education is optional, luxurious or otherwise unavailable to them.

I often tweet about my cat, Marmalade, essentially an underdog cat that I rescued from a bin in Corfu. I also host #KidsCovidMH on Tuesdays at 8:00pm - a weekly chat in which parents, teachers and educational professionals get together to talk about specific issues that may be impact our children's mental health as a result of Covid-19. 

I have created the Phoenix Family characters to ensure that children have stories that they can relate to and characters that they are able to connect with.  I am passionately committed to ensuring that children can be heard and listened to but most importantly, I believe that all children should experience a sense of belonging to ensure they are able to thrive.

In my (almost) 20 years of experience, I have always noticed and observed behaviour as a form of communication and have found that children are most likely to nurture positive behaviours when they have all of their physical and emotional needs met.

I am lucky enough to work with lots of brilliant people in lots of wonderful settings. If you would like to know more then please do feel free to follow or connect on social media or email at