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I have enjoyed working in education and youth work for the last 20 years. I have always worked with children that are seen as marginalised. Whether or not it detached or specialist youth work, Learning Support Assistant before moving on to English Co-ordinator, Teacher-in-charge of an in-patient psychiatric unit and Head of Secondary Pupil Referral Unit. I have lead provision for children with medical needs as well as those with behavioural needs.

I enjoyed researching for my Masters in Inclusive Education on 'Behaving Together: Writing a behavioural policy with children in psychiatric in-patient services' as well as researching for my on-going PhD in young people's experiences of accessing Alternative Provision.

I have also worked in primary and secondary mainstream education. One role being that of Director of Inclusion for a large primary school which included an additional resource provision for children with speech and language needs.

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I host #KidsMH on Tuesdays at 8:00pm - a fortnightly chat in which parents, teachers and educational professionals talk about specific issues that may be impact our children's mental health.

I've created the Phoenix Family characters to ensure that children have stories that they can relate to and characters that they are able to connect with.  I'm committed to ensuring that children can be heard and listened to. Most importantly, I believe that all children should experience a sense of belonging to ensure they thrive.

Throughout my work I've noticed that children often behave in colourful ways and want to understand the reasons behind the behaviour. I begin with ideas of noticing, understanding and responding as a cornerstone of the work I do. 

I am lucky enough to work with lots of brilliant people in lots of wonderful settings from small Alternative Provisions to large national Multi-Academy Trusts, hospital and psychiatric settings.  


If you would like to know more then please do feel free to follow or connect on social media @PhoenixEdSarah or email sarah@phoenixeducationconsultancy.com